One found, one lost

NO7 Essen – Bergneustadt
Vaisala RS41-SGP / P3520493 / 16.04.2019 1200Z
🔗 lost despite thorough search
🔗 public transport

The Essen midday sonde landed not far from the last Bergneustadt sonde. Unfortunately I was busy in the afternoon, so that I couldn’t check it until the next day. But with the big Yagi I managed to decode exactly one frame from my balcony, according to which the sonde was hanging in the forest. The altitude was about the same as ground level, but the forest was on a slope.

#19 Essen – Schemmerhausen
Vaisala RS41-SGP / P3440868 / 17.04.2019 0000Z
🔗 in storage
🔗 public transport

But in the morning we first went to the following night sonde, which was lying on a field near Reichshof and was very easy to salvage. Unfortunately, the Bergneustadt sonde could not be located in the forest.