Launch in Essen

On 23.04. Jason, his dad and I went to Essen to watch a sonde launch live at the AutoSonde container. And we were not disappointed during the launch. After a visit to the nearby airfield and lunch we followed the sonde towards Gelsenkirchen Buir. The sonde fell very slowly and we could see the parachute during the landing approach. Unfortunately the sonde landed in a high deciduous tree above a dog school. On the way back we stopped at the landing site of the previous night sonde, whose finders happened to be in the garden. So Jason came to his first own sonde.

NO8 Essen – Gelsenkirchen-Buir
Vaisala RS41-SGP / P3530154 / 23.04.2019 0000Z
🔗 hanging in tree
🔗 individual transport
NP3 Essen – Walsum
Vaisala RS41-SGP / P3530173 / 24.04.2019 0000Z
🔗 joint search; not taken sonde
🔗 individual transport