Another field landing in Essen

#12 Essen – Nümbrecht
Vaisala RS41-SGP / P2740382 / 15.02.2019 0000Z
🔗 in storage
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The Essen sondes have a preference for trees, of four finds I could only recover two completely. With P2740382, the night probe from 15.02., which had landed very close to me between Wiehl and Drabenderhöhe, it could have been both according to prediction.

On Saturday it went on cold search, after I had been at the hairdresser. The landing place was quite remote, I took a bus, a scheduled taxi, which turned out to be a black sprinter with a pensioner steering, and the last two kilometers by foot, which was no problem in bright sunshine and temperatures of about twenty degrees. The landing site was visible from the road, the big balloon remainings on the meadow with the parachute still folded, the sonde hung a few decimetres high over a deciduous tree.

After the set was recovered, I went back, and decided to walk the 3.5 km to Bielstein, where there is service every half hour. During the waiting time I went to the bakery to get some eclairs for the whole family, so that nothing stood in the way of Saturday afternoon coffee after my return.