Nobody knew Anything

NO1 De Bilt – Solingen
Vaisala RS41-SGP / P0950597 / 24.09.2018 0000Z
🔗 lost despite thorough search
🔗 public transport

At the end of September I went to a GIS workshop in Cologne for a few days, and as it so happens, P0950597 from De Bilt landed with very good prediction in a suburb of Solingen, the trolleybus stop right across the street. This was worth a try, especially as I always wanted to use the trolleybus in Solingen, so I made my way to Solingen after the workshop. The sonde must have landed either in the gardens, the backyards or on the apartment buildings standing there.

When I arrived there, I first looked on the street, then on the parking lots behind the houses, without success. A local resident who washed his car knew absolutely nothing. Finally I tried door knocking in the house that seemed most likely to me. Only an elderly lady opened the door for me, I explained my concern. “There’s no such thing here”, she said in the best ruhrgebiet dialect. I noticed that I had to catch the train back to Cologne and started the way home unsatisfied. Probably the sonde had come down in the garden plots behind the houses to which I had no access.