Baumholder is Bombing me!

In the days around 06.11.2018 numerous manoeuvre sondes started from the military training area Baumholder and as a result of the extraordinary wind some of them landed in the Cologne and Siegen area. Unfortunately I was only able to break loose on 09.11. and started a cold sonde search to get a hold of the DFMs, which are quite rare in our region. Three sondes were on the agenda: First I went to the 1600Z sonde, which was supposed to lie on a field at Spich, then to the 2030Z sonde to a riding school near Leverkusen and finally to the 1030Z sonde in a residential area near Honrath.

NO2 Baumholder – Spich
Graw DFM-09 / 17008986 / 06.11.2018 1600Z
πŸ”— too late :’s
πŸ”— public transport

In Spich the sonde should have landed on a field or an adjacent caravan site. After the field had been searched unsuccessfully, the landlord also let me search on the caravan site, but without success. I already doubted that ON-1 had delivered the right position, but nevertheless I set off for the next sonde to Leverkusen.

EDIT: As it turned out, Kevin had also been faster with this sonde, which was almost a home game for him.

#5 Baumholder – Leverkusen-KΓΌppersteg
Graw DFM-09 / 17008997 / 06.11.2018 2030Z
πŸ”— public transport

The way to the riding school in Leverkusen led through a forest along a wildlife park, and already passing a paddock I could see the red parachute hanging in a tree. I was incredibly relieved that the position had been right this time and went directly to the office of the riding school to introduce my aims. After I had received green light, the recovery began. The sonde had landed on a paddock and had already been put down behind the fence. The parachute hung in approx. 2.5 m height in a fruit tree, could be freed well however, so that I could salvage the entire set. An accompanying letter was not present, instead a glowstick was indeed. I hurried with the way back and just reached the suburban train back to Cologne.

#6 Baumholder – Honrath
Graw DFM-09 / 17008357 / 06.11.2018 1030Z
πŸ”— tinker sonde
πŸ”— public transport

The last search on the way home in Honrath was exactly clocked, if I did not want to walk the four kilometers back to the station, I would have to catch the last bus about twenty minutes after my arrival. Three houses came into question. At the middle one nobody opened. A girl opened the door for me in the western neighbour’s house, but she knew nothing at all. Finally I had success at the eastern neighbour and was able to take my second DFM. However, the parachute had landed in the neighbour’s garden who had not been home. I reached the bus and made my way home.