Manifesto for a protocol replacing APRS in radiosonde data forwarding

In ham radiosonde reception, the usage of APRS-IS for the communication between a receiving station and a server is very common, for example with and However, APRS is very much unsuitable for this tasks, as can be seen by the constant problems, for example with DFM radiosondes and the rise of encrypted radiosondes like the RS41-SGM. Also with APRS there is no incentive to accumulate the ptu data of a sonde in a traceable way what so ever. This is why I propose a new format for this data interchange.

In the manifesto which is presented here, a lot has been left unclear intentionally as I hope for the feedback of other who have more experience with radiosonde client/server data tranmission than me. When trying to establish a new standard, everyone has to agree on the how and why.

Manifesto Download